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Bringing Books Back

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On the "Quizzes" page, we have a quiz to test your knowledge on Harry Potter.

On the "Jokes + Comics" page, we some halarious jokes and silly comics involving books to make you laugh.

The "Book Lists" page includes lists of the top books for each age group.

The "Chat" page allows you to share some of the books that YOU like with the world.

The "Books Made Into Movies" page shows you many books that have been made into movies. If you noticed that you have watched this movie before, I recomend you read the book. If you already read the book, you should watch the movie to see how well it reflects the book.

On the "About Us" page, you can find a breif description each of the girls that made this site, including their favorite book and the pages that they coded.

Stack of Books

How It Works

This is our Girls Who Code 2019 coding project. It was designed to help people like you. This site can get you into reading and find you a great book to read. It was made from scratch on Glitch using HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). On every page, the CSS is the same, but the HTML is very different. The 11 of us have worked on this all year to make it perfect for you. Feel free to explore the site, because that's why we made it. I hope you enjoy the site! Have FUN!!!

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